As many people likely know, I joined the Asurion Design Group back in June, leaving my long-time love redpepper and beginning a new adventure in corporate America, helping people keep their digital lives running smoothly.

For people who knew me and redpepper, the news was likely a bit surprising. redpepper…

Note: as you’ll likely realize, I’ve borrowed heavily from this man. I have added my own thoughts where needed, and left the original without comment where appropriate, mostly the text is pulled and lightly edited from a series of email exchanges I had over the holidays.

These ideas are not…

Having a dinner party? Might I recommend allowing the traditional Italian formal meal structure be your guide. It hits all the right notes and makes it easy to accommodate a number of dietary preferences in a single meal that will absolutely leave your guests wowed.

Following this coursing structure provides…

How do you know when you’ve been paid what you’re due?

What a powerful and sobering question, developed during a research prep workshop I facilitated yesterday. This isn’t a question most us have to think about very often.

Not only is wage theft a real part of daily life for millions — potentially billions — of people globally, but many of the victims have very little, if any, record of what they’re owed, forced to trust their bosses. This public benefit company I’m working with is looking to change lives of construction workers, one of the groups most impacted by wage theft.

If you’re interested in learning more about wage theft, Interfaith Worker Justice has a tremendous amount of resources on the topic.

Citizenship of a free society requires free access, and to be an effective citizen in our increasingly digital society requires digital access. Internet access.

While much has been made of this, net neutrality, availability and cost, open data, privacy and ownership of personal information, tech and information literacy, one piece…

Justin Threlkeld ⚡️

Nashville UX co-organizer, Slack team collector, internet explorer. Designing things that inspire, empower, and encourage us to all do better.

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