A hundred days of __________

Today kicks off the 100-Day Project and I’m participating. It’s my first time doing anything like this, so I’m sure there will be failure and frustration. I’m doing it anyway.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about (“hundred days project, huh???”), go read the page about it. It’s a project by Elle Luna, based on a project Michael Bierut created for his grad students, where you pick something creative to do (my choice is forthcoming, keep reading) and repeat for 100 days. Add in a little Instagram and you’ve got a community of inspiration and focus, public accountability, and something to show off to your friends and followers.

To get started, all you do is choose: “100 days of blank” — pretty sure that’s it, but you should definitely read the details for stuff like Instagram accounts to follow or newsletters to sign up for. Just make your choice and get started. Easier said than done. I haven’t even started and the first day is almost halfway over!

If you decide to do it, keep in mind that having a support group can be salvation with a project like this. I’ve got two: a handful of people from a local creative group are participating, and it’s looking like about a third of my agency will be at my side in this daily struggle. I’m optimistic that they’ll be the encouragement I need. Now, it’s time to get started.

I’m doing 100 Days of Making Faces.

It’s based on these cute little coffee cup drawings I’ve been making recently. No one can be sure why or when I started, but they’ve become a staple of my near-daily coffee shop visits. I figured expanding on that would be a great way to get into a hundred-day streak of doing things.

The word “making” was carefully chosen, as I didn’t want to limit myself to just drawing — I’m looking to push myself beyond that comfort zone. It won’t all be coffee cups!

100 Days of Making Faces, the initial ideas:

  • selfies
  • photo portraits
  • cup drawings
  • mirror drawings
  • whiteboard sketches
  • cartoons
  • illustrations
  • graphite portraits
  • charcoal portraits
  • painting
  • doodles
  • arranged objects
  • sculpture
  • animations
  • more?
  • MORE???

With any luck, I’ll expand that list and cross most of them off. The goal is a wide array of faces in a wide array of media. Maybe I’ll have enough of material for a small book afterwards. Maybe a website. Maybe I’ll print them all out and burn them because I hate them all. Maybe I stop doing it halfway through. There’s no telling with a journey like this. Anyway, here it goes: #100daysofmakingfaces. Come cheer me on. Or bash me, if that’s your thing. Either way, hopefully I’ll see you around. Maybe you’ll even join me?

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