On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself
Keri Smith

Such a bizarre article.

You’ve found yourself inside of an echo chamber and you’ve decided to solve that problem by walking straight into another echo chamber. If you started out as an “SJW” you’re going to learn nothing by just switching extremes.

Claiming people who disagree with you on social justice issues are somehow part of a CULT because of it is melodramatic nonsense.

There are people out there who are going to think that you’re a bad person for subscribing to some views that make you seem insensitive to groups who commonly face oppressive social structures. It sucks to be confronted with that — especially when you know that some of these people are just flat out wrong.

But seriously…

People on both sides of the divide tend to not get it right all the time. You’ll find this outrage culture pretty much everywhere that you go online. It knows no political persuasion. Passionate people online tend to go over the top when they have the cover of anonymity.

I’ve seen “Ant-SJWs” calling on people to kill themselves. I’ve seen “Anti-SJWs” supporting and cheering forms of censorship. I’ve seen their superiority complex (With your blog being a perfect example of it). I’ve seen people retreat to echo chambers and completely demonize the other side. “Leftists” didn’t invent this trend. Welcome to the internet.

Hell, even in person you’ll find the likes of Anne Coulter who claims to be against the “Browning of America.” She’s also trying to portray herself as a leader for freedom and liberty. As a black person, this woman seems to believe that my very right to exist is a dubious concept — I’m also supposed to believe that this person is here for free expression and free speech?

There are fake “Social Justice Warriors” everywhere, Keri. You just have to be willing to see them. I was not impressed by your article.

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