“What is ‘product marketing’” post shoots to 6k views on LinkedIn in less than 1 week

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by Justin Topliff | Jul 19, 2015

All I can say is, “WOW!”

As I explained in my reasoning for starting the Summit, a lot of people don’t understand what product marketing is. So, I thought that was an excellent idea for a post when I was getting my blog off the ground. I titled it “What is ‘product marketing?’ How is it different from ‘regular marketing?’”

Turns out a lot of other people thought it was a great idea, too. While my other posts on LinkedIn typically receive a couple hundred views, this post hit 6,000 in under 7 days.

I was shocked.

This erased any doubts I had around validating the need for the Summit. Clearly, a lot of people are interested in what product marketing is, what we do and how to leverage us.

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Justin is a product marketer specializing in venture backed early- and growth-stage tech companies. He has a decade of experience in product marketing, marketing and operations from a background spanning tech, venture capital and management consulting. Currently, Justin is Director of Product Marketing at VTS and founder of the Product Marketing Summit.

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