Muslims in America Takes Blame

While this morning’s tragic event at the Pulse Nightclub has allowed for countless Americans to start to criticize on the government’s action on religion especially Islam, one perhaps might ask, could such a tragic event have been unfolded earlier and prevented. Tragic events such as recent mass shootings and bombings around the global entirely often seems to create a connection with Muslims. The security of America is sincerely at risk where just the action of one individuals in this case possibly under the influence of radical Islam has not only destroyed endless amount of work in order to promote a peaceful Islam, but also gave individuals around the nation the idea that Muslims are all terrorists. The act of a few individuals relating back to just December of 2015 has created this negative connotation on the words “Muslim” and “Islam.”

While most people would agree that these acts of terror are preventable, often they would have ridiculous solutions such as deportation of Muslims, the restricted practicing of Islam, and even to ban the Islamic religion in America which only focuses on the fault of Muslims as a whole religion. Now clearly to be justified and base on statistics, in recent mass shootings and bombings in America, the majority of Americans could not even list five individual situations that was at the fault of these radical terrorists. With over 3.3 million Muslims currently living in America this would result in less than 0.0000015% assuming there was 5 terrorists. Now why should Muslims take the blame for all these events? Obviously the media itself in this modern social media age has already influenced millions with the majority of news and in this case FEAR is given to the reader. However psychologically, it is our own mindset that often points the finger blame at others that do not look or think like us. Thinking of the minority group in America is extremely hard especially if we (understanding America as a whole) never connecting with Muslims in person would only believe that what the media spurred is true that they are in fact all terrorists and attempting to destroy society.

While this tragic shooting this morning in Orlando has opened eyes around the nation and the globe, America has to realize that the stability of the nation does not rely on punishing those that are inferior base on the actions of a few, but to promote the assimilate of those that are different into our lives and society.