Editing Data in Firebase When Blocked By Read-only / Non-realtime Mode

I didn’t see this in the docs, but if you’re trying to manually enter data into the Firebase console (like if you need to upload JSON as a new root level data structure) you’ll frequently be locked out of the editor by Read-only mode.

Read-only / non-realtime notification in Firebase

There’s an easy way around this. Say you have a base structure like-

myApp: {
prop1: {...},
prop2: {...}

and you want to upload a bunch of data as prop3 that would be available in plain Javascript as myApp.prop3. You’ll notice that each prop is available via a URL that’s structured like: https://console.firebase.google.com/project/myapp-xxxxx/database/data/prop1. If you navigate to that link, you’ll get a console view of all the prop1 data, and if the amount of information is small enough to avoid triggering read-only mode, you can manually enter info or upload JSON.

The trick is to use that URL to navigate to the new prop that you want to add at the appropriate level. E.g. https://console.firebase.google.com/project/myapp-xxxxx/database/data/prop3 would create a new object prop3 at the root level and from there you can edit data at will.