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My Incredible Customer Experience with Boosted Boards

If you’ve ever sat in on one of my Digital Marketing classes at BrainStation, you’ve likely heard me preach the importance of creating a phenomenal customer experience. Companies like Zappos, Herschel and even Unbounce all have unique stories about surprising, delighting and engaging their customers.

But today I’d like to share a unique customer experience I had during my recent trip to San Francisco, with a company that I hadn’t even made a purchase with.

It all started when I set out to find myself a Boosted Board.

Since seeing this Ted talk a few years back, I’ve been fairly curious about the logistics of one of these devices. Vancouver has some of the worst traffic in North America, so the idea of a portable travel device that I didn’t have to lock up outside and worry about getting stolen seemed too good to be true.

Turns out I wasn’t the only person looking for a Boosted Board, as they’ve been sold out everywhere for months. Each store I visited said that they couldn’t keep them on the shelves long enough.

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After exhausting all of the retailers, I decided to post in a Facebook group asking San Francisco riders if there was any way I could test-drive one of their boards in exchange for some free lunch.

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A few people got back to me, but long story short, the CEO and co-founder of Boosted Boards, a rad guy named Sanjay Dastoor, saw my message and reached out to me directly. The next day, he hand delivered a Boosted Board to my hotel at 10:30pm so I could borrow it during my trip — free of charge.

It was by far the most incredible example of forward-thinking customer service I’ve ever experienced and I wasn’t even a customer yet. I was merely a prospect who was thinking of buying their product.

Sanjay even hung out with me for a bit to chat about his TED talk, the history of the product and the future direction of the company. The entire time I could see that he was just as excited about this experience as I was. The passion he had for what his team was doing was really obvious and incredibly appreciated.

The Boosted Board Experience

I’d like to talk about just how incredible this little device is. As a brand new rider, it was incredibly easy to learn. All I had to do was walk out of my hotel with a fully charged board and suddenly I was zipping through the streets of San Francisco and avoiding 90% of the congested traffic I experienced the day before.

Getting from point A — B took just a fraction of the time it would using Uber/taxi/trolly/walking/etc (I know, because I timed it). So as a means of inner-city travel, it was a no brainer.

Functionally, this thing has everything you’d need to make it through the day. A super easy to use remote allows you to push forward, brake or back up in reverse. You control the speed and the braking with an intuitive spin wheel and trigger system.

The newest models come with anywhere from 7–14 mile range (depending on the battery you buy). It has regenerative breaks, meaning that when you’re rolling down a hill you can come to a controlled stop, you’re charging your board at the same time. And you can easily reach speeds of up to 22mph (30km/hr).

Like I said, this thing pumps you down the street at 30km/hr which is fast; faster than most people would need to go. You control the speed by choosing 1 of 4 modes from beginner to pro and the learning curve is quick and enjoyable.

All of the sudden I felt like the world (or at least the city) was at my doorstep and I explored more of San Francisco than I ever had before.

Suddenly, the well reviewed Taco stand that’s just out of walking distance was accessible within 5 minutes. Zipping between meetings at Lithium, Twitter and Workshop Cafe no longer took careful planning and execution. I simply grabbed my board and off I went. It was liberating and enjoyable experience all around.

But my favourite ride by far was cruising up and down the Embarcadero at sunrise with a Peet’s coffee in my hand. I met a few other Boosted riders that day, including a guy who bought one of the first boards released and he STILL loves his board and uses it religiously for his daily commutes.

After this experience, including a meet and greet with the CEO, a free testing board and an incredible few days driving a fast, powerful [& ridiculously fun] alternative form of transportation, I am proud to say that I am 100% purchasing a Boosted Board and will continue to be a huge advocate for their products.

I’d like to give a BIG thank you to Sanjay + the entire Boosted team. The work that y’all are doing is nothing short of phenomenal and I’m convinced that you’re going to change how the world handles inner-city commuting.

This was in no way, shape or form a paid review. The Boosted team didn’t give me a product in exchange for some free PR. In fact, I gave the board back at the end of my trip and I had to ask Sanjay if it was okay for me to share this story. If you want to learn more about Boosted Boards (and buy one of these bad boys) you can do so here:

P.S. Don’t be reckless like me. Wear your damn helmet, kids.

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