Dylann Roof wrote a letter to Tucker Carlson

Racist mass murderer thinks the Fox host is ‘uniquely positioned to do something great’

Aug 13 · 3 min read

For the past week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been under fire for saying that white supremacy is a “hoax” —a claim made all the more outrageous by the fact that it came only days after a white supremacist killed 22 people in El Paso.

The truth is that white nationalists exist in large numbers and many happen to be fans of Carlson’s show, including Stormfront founder Don Black and neo-Nazi troll Andrew Anglin. The alt-right sees Carlson as an ally who can disseminate a more palatable version of their ideas to a mass audience.

In June, alt-right podcast host Billy Roper posted an open letter to Tucker Carlson from Dylann Roof, who was sentenced to death for the 2015 murder of nine black churchgoers in Charleston. Though it hasn’t been authenticated, the handwriting appears to match a letter he wrote to reformed skinhead Christian Piccolini.

Roof opens with “I’m aware that I am probably the last person you would like to get a letter from.” In the next paragraph, he writes: “I watch your show almost every night, and most of the time I enjoy it.”

He praises Carlson for his caution and good sense, saying that he seems to “know which stories to avoid—the ones that would force you to compromise your integrity and beliefs” or those that would “force you to carry water for mainstream conservatism,” specifically naming “stories about Israel.”

Explaining the purpose of his letter, Roof tells Carlson that he’s “uniquely positioned to do something great.” He levies a number of criticisms against the pundit that mostly amount to chastising him for not going far enough, arguing that Carlson is still within “the boundaries set for [him] by the left.”

He applauds Carlson for recognizing “biological realities of sex difference,” but adds that he would “never touch the race question.” Roof writes that Carlson is not “brave enough” to take the issue on.

Roof writes that he does not “harbor any illusions” about Carlson being a white nationalist, noting that he has many “jews and blacks on [his] show:”

I’m not too familiar with the power structure at FOX but I’m sure you have more than one jew controlling you in some fashion. I’m aware that you are securely on the conservative reservation. But at the same time you seem to be a relatively free thinker.

He goes on to make the standard white nationalist critique of American conservatism and civic nationalism, i.e. that it rejects all forms of identity politics, including the white variety, arguing that this is a fatal error.

You have white children and therefore whether you like it or not, you are invested in the white race. Regardless of whether you want to accept your white identity or not, the enemies of the white race do accept it and intend to destroy you for it.

The main thrust of the letter comes toward the end. Roof is anticipating that Carlson will eventually lose his platform on Fox and making the case for him to openly embrace white nationalism once he no longer has anything to lose.

My request to you is that when the day comes, and you are taken off the air, don’t waste what you’ve been given. I can assure you that a large segment of the nationalist community would welcome you.

He pleads for Carlson to “listen to what White Nationalists are saying, and to see that our interests align.”

Because of your profile you could instantly become an influential personality in the movement … You could bring the more mainstream following you currently have over into racial nationalism, making them more comfortable with the transition.

His logic is that Carlson has no “ hope of avoiding pariah status” so he might as well “[s]urprise them with a preemptive strike” and “liberate [himself] on the air.”

Carlson is currently on vacation—likely due to the outrage over his comments last week—and he’s losing advertisers. If he loses his Fox gig, will he take Roof up on his offer?

Justin Ward

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Radical journalist. Write about extremism, politics, class, labor, history and media. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler & ArcDigi.Twitter: @justwardoctrine

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