He has no vision. He won’t accomplish anything. He’s perfect.

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(Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-SA 2.0)

It seems like forever since Bernie Sanders dropped out of the primaries. The intervening months have brought an endless parade of op-eds and open letters from prominent leftists— Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, those ex-SDS Boomers, etc. — pleading for their comrades to suck it up and vote for Joe Biden. These aren’t really worth dwelling upon in any detail since they all can be boiled down to: Biden is bad but Trump is worse.

I’m not going to give you the same spiel about harm reduction or whatever nor am I going to spout a bunch of clichés about how Donald J. Trump is an “existential threat to the Republic.” Unlike a certain liberal historian with a large Twitter following, I won’t feed you a bunch of balderdash about how Biden hews to the center of the party, and as the party base moves left, so will he (he won’t). …


Justin Ward

Radical journalist. Write about extremism, politics, class, labor, history and media. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler & ArcDigi.Twitter: @justwardoctrine

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