Fallout Shelter,

The reason I downloaded you was that my friends had it. Not that I wanted you but it was the social norm — though outdated by a couple weeks.

I was so disappointed in myself for downloading you. Please, don’t take it personally. Even with the fact that I don’t get addicted easily, I’ll admit you had me hooked for a few days.

I’m impressed you almost lasted a week with me. All your niche marketing techniques, trying to frustrate me with your extremely slow progress and constant check ups to collect my resources.

Don’t you worry about me because I got my satisfaction from you already. I’ve grown sick of being sucked into the apocalyptic reality where babies are made in a minute and live in the apathetic reality with no families.

I have a family, a family who needs my time more than the time you need from me. So quit bugging me because it’s time to move on to the better things in life.

Justin Wong

Daily log 12/22

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