Well, here’s another one of those “well that was stupid” kinda things. And this pertains to photography.

I’ve always had a knack for taking and editing photos. I was the 8 year old boy who would bring his little Sony Cyber-shot on every outing, every vacation. Despite the fact that the iPhone has better quality than it now, through the eyes of an 8-year old, this was the next best thing to the Nintendo DS I used to bring along with me. I took so much pride in my pictures and I would organize them into individual folders (eg. dogs, sister…). It was this pride that I’ve only recently come to understand.

Later on, my Dad taught me how to edit photos on CPS X3 (2010) and I would literally spend entire days messing around with the software. I never shared these photos with anyone besides my family. However, as my priorities changed, I found passions other than photography such as sports and friends. Not saying that photography isn’t as cool as those other things but it never really caught on in my later years. So up till this point, the most I’ve used editing for is to edit personal photos and cut out unintentional photo-bombers.

Original: note the guy on the far right (below)
Before: After :)

So here I am, with a knack in fixing photos but absolutely no experience in professional photography, where they shoot for proms and weddings. So when I decided to edit and post up photos from another photographer, I had no idea of the pride that went into taking these photos and how I literally insulted the photographer in his face. Now do I feel stupid, for not knowing better. And it was only recently, nearly 6 months after the incident, when I realized the mistake I had made once I started taking pictures for myself again. I didn’t know then, but I’m sorry.