Statistics that make me thank my parents

According to Worldometers, with the current time of 12:36am PT on 9/26/15, 7,369,642,819 humans roam the Earth. In the time it took to write this sentence, that figure has grown by 200. We live in an immense world and it’s no surprise that we get caught up in the hectic lives and standards of our modern society without even noticing that the majority of our species still live without power. It’s far too uncommon that many of us don’t see how lucky we are to be where we are and to simply imagine how we are all distributed among this very insignificant little rock floating in a vast void of space is nothing short of a miracle.

I like to think of things from a perspective of the big picture. So from this 7 billion, the United States is home to nearly 320 million humans, in addition to the tens of millions of illegals in our nation. Nearly 40 million of which live in California and the population of the Bay Area (surrounding San Francisco Bay) is roughly 7 million.

The Bay Area is often touted with the nickname Silicon Valley, the high-tech capital of the world. It’s a breeding ground for many great things. Tesla, Google, and Apple, three companies having a global impact on technological innovation, are home to Silicon Valley. Being able to say that I live within an hours’ distance from all three of their headquarters gives a sense of pride that I live in this little corner of the world.

I am glad that I am one of the 7 million people who lives in such a wonderful place because we, as in 7 million people, account for only 0.000946% of the world population. Yet, we see too many incidents about teen suicides and shootings.

Even to all of America, the 320+ million humans, you represent the 0.0432% of the world population who has reasonably defined human rights and have the freedoms that came from the blood the ones before us.

So when you complain about the 1% elite class at home. Just realize that you represent the 0.0432% of the world population in which the rest of the world wishes to be in. Thank your parents :)