The Devils of Bromance

Some Hallway that is of some relevance to the story

Walking through the crowded halls of P-building, I scan hopelessly looking for someone of vague familiarity to talk to for the next 30 seconds as I walk down the hall to my next class.


This reminds me of the scene in Finding Nemo where Marlin is swimming against a “school” of big fish to find Nemo. Like how I must squeeze my way through as the flood gates of P-Building wash out hundreds of students in a matter of minutes.

And just for laughs, the part where Nemo and the school of fish were captured in the fishing net is the equivalent of the doors getting locked.

Sometimes, on a good day, my timing to get out of class coincides perfectly with a someone in my next class and we could meet up halfway and lament the studying that should’ve been and the homework that was never done. Other than that, I’m not really that optimistic on the walk to this particular class.

I’d pass by couples who meet up for a brief time to exchange a few lines and maybe a kiss but that’s it. There are groups of students who block the hallways just for another minute of conversation as I nudge my way to the next class that I MUST not be late to.

It’s weird how everyone seems to be doing the same thing repeatedly. Talking with same friends, walking the same way, having the same expressions every time I pass by them.

Though I unintentionally have an inconsistent pattern every day — sometimes I walk out the other way and take a different route. I get to meet new people and see new faces — in a sea of 2700. As I somehow reject a life of conformity and predictability, I’m still not sure of what is my preference on whether to have a consistent routine between classes or to keep it varied.

I’ll just keep following where my feet go (-_-).