How Misogynistic Male Reporters Shaped The Coverage Of The 2016 Election
Remy Anne

How can you take someone seriously who thinks that Trump or anyone being sexist or even abusive physically, sexually, emotionally, everything, means Hillary is even close to them in Character.

Even seeing Trump stutter “well, well, I say, I say, they don’t look like Indians to me” still doesn’t mean anything about Hillary. This is all a joke, where loads of public are being forced to pay attention to either one of these filthbags, and that’s who the victims are. The children who have to see people talking about scum, hear their parents talking about scum, the whole idea of the country of America is scum so flockin forget it.


PS: You’re a joke and your whole job is a joke and you’re promoting this so you’re matter of factly scum as well bye

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