An Experiment in Making Conversations

So I have an unintentional experiment on the thing I really love before yet have forgotten lately… It’s making conversations!

Back in my freshmen college year, I have this habit of welcoming irregular students and other people. Sometimes when we have new people in church, I try to converse with them. I love conversing with people. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an introvert. But introverts are not those who do not ever talk. Some just love warm and deep friendly talk.

It became a habit to meet people and know what’s happening in life. I remember back in the days when I taught the junior’s class. I always ask them about how’s their school. But, condition, they cannot answer me back with an “OKAY LANG.” It was actually an experiment-slash-activity for the class to become open in good conversations and start expressing themselves even when it means that the class will know when others flunk in a subject at school.

Then after, I saw some of them make their way out of being shy and now can speak about their school and stuff. We also had times of advising each other to do well in school. One of my students told the other to study properly and to stop staying up too late at night because of reading Wattpad. How cute!

I also tried to speak with the teens in our youth service. Some others are really open about themselves. Others are not. This proved me right with the theory that people’s walls become higher when they grow older, concealing stuff. They become more private.

But there are still those who completely tell their special life story. And I’m grateful for that. There are times that these conversations help me know what to pray for them. Yeah, I do have that habit.

It’s really hard when people answer you with just an “okay lang.” But I realize that there are times when people, even me, just resort to that template. I can see a lot of reasons why. Maybe, they’re just fed up or tired of explaining themselves. Maybe, they have a lot of experiences in life. Or building up a higher walls because of hurt.

I don’t know. But then again, there are a lot of reasons why we should start experimenting in making good and meaningful conversations.

What should we do to make good conversations with people? (Listed few of them here:)

  1. Be genuine. People notice it when you’re really genuine and compassionate during conversations.
  2. Don’t judge or make fun of them. Don’t converse for the sake of reply. Or even judging or worst is making fun of the person.
  3. Don’t forget to make an eye contact. Connect with people. Look at them but never oddly.
  4. Enjoy the conversation. Have fun in your conversations. Every person has a special story to tell whether it’s bad or good story.

Bottom line is that we need to connect with people in genuine conversations especially in this time of social media and technology.

Recently, it has become so hard for me to converse. Adjusting have become much harder for me. But then again, I came to a realization that I lost this long love of conversing with people, one by one, warm and friendly.

In an experiment of making good conversations, let’s redeem the good ole conversations back then!

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