Dictatorship ~ The Selfish Motives Of Domination, Power, And Immortality Behind The Men (and women) With No Guts

There’s a common denominator in all dictators. It governs their effervescent self-possession and insatiable desire to extend their arm of control. In a word, it’s psychopathic.

To describe the mind of a psychopath one would need to include charisma among the more sinister traits. Spilling over with self-confidence, a dictator is intelligent, a pathological liar, sadistic, independent, suspicious, pessimistic and possesses a boundless appetite for power.

Several have passed through the oblique curtains to boldly stride like self-absorbed puppets through cities of their own choosing. They’re the Show Ponies strutting around an arena that houses spectators who feel obligated to bow and kowtow as they wet their pants with instilled fear.

In case there are children of the world, who, with their faces buried in mini screens as they weave and wend their way through crowded streets, daring only momentarily to look up, are unaware of the uncertainty gripping our planet, dictatorship is real. It’s a trend that isn’t going to dissolve soon.

From Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, Idi Amin, and Kim Jong-un, there is a staggering distinction between them. They’re all male. However, women will be vilified in this post, particularly the likes of Irma Grese, Queen Mary I, Wu Zetian, and Elizabeth Bathory, not necessarily in that order.

In a not so ideal world, the traits of these people past and present remain as a stigma, like a hand-me-down passed through the ages. Their similarities are alarming as though they could be anything else but shocking and yet something adheres to them, discriminating rather than embracing them. It must be a very debauched and saddened world they live in as they fight with a ravenous desire to control those in their reach. Because they certainly haven’t got the wherewithal to control what is within them.


Had Private Tandey not spared 25-year-old Hitler’s life in the September of 1918 as he stumbled upon him in a trench he might surely have changed the course of history. As it was, Tandey lowered his rifle from the temple of the future fascist. Of course, ill equipped and incapable of foreseeing the atrocities Hitler would orchestrate by 1945, the 11 million people including the mass murder of over 6 million Jews would serve to haunt Tandey for the rest of his life.


Whilst Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union in 1924, he led 10 million of his people to the pits of starvation while many others were given the keys to camps. Although his Red Army assisted in the defeat of Nazi Germany he reigned terror for two decades having ordered the arrest of innocent people during the wee hours of the morning. Any resistance was met with lethal fates as millions were exiled to labour camps and then executed. Whilst bargaining with Hitler who proved to possess a deplorable lack of integrity, Stalin moved to stand alongside America and Britain hoping to rip the rug out from under Japan. Roosevelt died, Truman was elected president and Prime Minister Churchill was replaced with Clement Attlee. Both countries were suspicious of Stalin and before he could commence war on Japan after the defeat of Nazi Germany, two bombs were dropped and Japan surrendered. Stalin died leaving Mother Russia with a legacy of death and terror.


Mussolini was a bully, expelled from school at 10. By 1919, the 36-year-old founded the fascist movement, formed a party whom he armed and together they terrorised Italy killing an estimated 2000 political opponents. By 1925 he declared himself dictator. As 1940 approached, he decided to enter World War II but Italy was ill prepared and lacked the military finesse. By 1943 bombs were being dropped on Rome. In 1945 whilst attempting to scuttle over the border into Switzerland wearing a German Greatcoat and helmet, he was recognised. Mussolini was executed the next day and his body strung upside down in a Milan square.

Pol Pot

It took Pol Pot four years to kill more than two million people through starvation, overwork and execution. The leader of the Khmer Rouge reigned over Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 and throughout the country, his people were commanded to dig their own graves in what is now known as “The Killing Fields”. But it was after the civil war when in 1975 Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took control of Phnom Penh. He then set the calendar year to zero. The elderly, the intellectuals, the Buddhist monks and children and were executed. Over 90,000 Muslims and Vietnamese residents were exterminated. Those who survived were controlled. Money was outlawed, private property, books and religion seized. Children were separated from their parents and marriages were forced. Pol Pot fled to the jungle and died of natural causes in 1998.

Kim Jong II

Kim Jong II defined North Korea. In love with fine arts, film and cinema, he had produced several films that venerated his father’s works. Kim Jong II composed six operas and was the possessor of over 20,000 movies which only he personally enjoyed. During the early 1970’s Kim II Sung prepared his son to lead North Korea. In 1980 it was announced Kim Jong II would be known as the “Fearless Leader”. His portrait, together with that of his father, hangs in the halls of public buildings.

After the death of Kim II Sung in 1994, Kim Jong II assumed total control. Holding his father in high esteem, the office of president was abolished. He assumed the title of General Secretary of the Worker’s Party and appointed himself Chairman of the National Defence Commission, the highest office of the state. He was arrogant, self-opinionated and volatile. Highly suspicious of everyone, he wore lifts in his shoes and sported a pompadour hairstyle to make himself appear taller. He had a deplorable fear of flying and entertained strained relations with China. He began to experience health problems and Kim Jong Un was confirmed as successor in 2010. Kim Jong II died in December 2011.

Idi Amin

Idi Amin known as the “Butcher of Uganda” took pleasure in torturing people whom he’d had arrested. Many of them finished up dead. Amin became a military general and led an attack on the King of Uganda in 1966. It was 1971 when he orchestrated a military coup and became the evil and brutally cruel President of Uganda. In 1972 people were massacred in the streets and the eccentric and ruthless ruler was in his element, labelling himself, “His Excellency” and “President for Life” among other fantasies. He brought about the death toll of 500,000 of his people and then exiled from Uganda by the Tanzanian Army, died of Kidney failure in 2003.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un is a portly, made to measure reflection of his grandfather Kim Il sung who he emulates because he believes he is reassuring the North Koreans that like his grandfather, he will bring them prosperity. However, after the death of his father, Kim Jong II, he began conducting nuclear and ballistic tests. He refuses to accept advice from those who advised his father and grandfather before him and has ordered the execution of many top officials since he assumed power. Kim Jong-un believed his uncle through marriage, Jang Song-thaek was corrupt and accused him of treason. Jang Song-thaek was executed by firing squad in 2013.

February 2017 saw Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, Kim Jong-nam murdered and speculation has risen to the ultimate suspicion that Kim Jong-un ordered his half-brother’s execution because he was terrified of the real threat that Jong-nam could rival him of his power.

Every institution and household are required by law to display Kim Jong-un’s portrait. He rules and exalts terror based on fanatical despotic codes of belief that mindless devotion and suppression yields his success. Yet, he is petrified of assassination attempts to the point of paralysis. Jong-un lives with constant paranoia. He has a specifically select team who inspects every piece of fruit and vegetable that may touch his and his family’s lips for poison. His regime includes an extravagant lifestyle of jetting in luxury, ski resorts and private yachts while his people face constant famine. He clearly lives a cheerless existence and it is expected his three children, one a seven year old son, will subsist with the same meaningless sham beliefs that embellish a lonely, sad existence. The diabolical reign upon North Korea has been assured.

Elizabeth Bathory

It is not only men who brandish the labels dictatorship brings to the fore. “The Blood Countess”, Elizabeth Bathory is recorded to have been the most prolific female murderess in history. Having young virgins summoned to the castle under a guise to meet royalty her young female victims met their fate by being brutally killed by the Countess. Careful not to spill their prized blood, Elizabeth drained the bodies in a bath. She believed bathing in the fresh and rich sticky plasma would retain her youth. She killed over 650 young girls to fulfil her heinous belief.

Queen Mary I

Queen Mary I, dubbed “Bloody Mary” was named so after she killed thousands of Protestants throughout England. She was a tyrant and no doubt extremely unpopular. Unmarried, she forced a union between herself and the prince of Spain. Finally married at 37 she was convinced she would retain the throne by having an heir. But her marriage to Phillip was fruitless but her hellborn tendencies prevailed and she remained bloodthirsty right up until her death. She suffered from ovarian cancer and died childless in 1558. It was her Protestant half-sister, who ironically succeeded her to the throne.

Wu Zetian

Wu Zetian, the Chinese Tang Dynasty empress who willfully killed her own infant daughter was the only female ruler in China for 4000 years. Anyone who appeared or was deemed to threaten her rule was immediately killed by none other than the empress herself. Wu poisoned the crown prince, Li Hong, and had other princes exiled in order her third son, Li Zhe, would be made Heir Apparent. Wu Zetian waited until she turned 80 to die.

Irma Grese

Irma Grese is a name that notoriously belongs beside Maria Mandl and Dorothea Binz. Of course, there were others but Grese earned herself the label of “Beautiful Beast”. She knew dysfunction and she knew Auschwitz-Birkenau well. Her mother, constantly abused by her father finally succumbed to escape her abusive life and killed herself by drinking Hydrochloric acid. Her father, a member of the Nazi Party watched his daughter become obsessed with Hitler. In 1943, as an SS Female Helper in training, Grese was transferred to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

It was here she chose who would be killed in the gas chambers. Women prisoners stripped naked, displayed skeletal bodies and were beaten with a thick stick. Displaying pure evil, Grese withheld food and made her charges stand for hours. She instilled fear and panic into the survivors who knew they were better off dead than enduring daily suffering, torture and maltreatment from the female overseers. Grese, together with many of her counterparts and male colleagues were sentenced to death for the murder and atrocities they inflicted on humanity. Grese was 22 when she died.

Of those whose attention remains constantly obscured beyond the reaches of the world behind the tiny silver screen, wake up. Get a grip. Your country needs you.

There will be other dictators who are convinced their lives are enriched by their own ill-founded beliefs. That by constituting a subjugated race they will live beyond the means set out for their people. They will exist in an environment that boils with suppressed anger and resentment whilst their people pee their pants due to the everlasting reminder they are controlled. Yet it’s you behind that silver screen who has the power to return democracy to its rightful place.

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