We Can’t Go Back
George Takei

I don’t think it’s that these clowns don’t understand. They simply don’t care. Here’s an example of the mentality. I parked in a handicapped space legally. There was someone who squeezed their big old shiney SUV illegally, so close to my spot that I couldn’t get out of my vehicle without my door touching their SUV. This was upsetting to me. I am so tired of people abusing handicap parking rules. So I had started to collect images to send to the local TV news as a suggestion for a human rights/interest story. Accordingly, I took a picture of the SUV’s license plate and model logo. I didn’t realize there was a person in the SUV — the glass was too dark.

A woman got out and started yelling a me, “Whatchoo doing?! You hit my car and YOU’RE taking a picture of my car?!” I told her that I was indeed because she was parked illegally and made it almost impossible for me to get out of my vehicle. She continued on railing at me. I kept saying, but you’re parked illegally. She said, “I don’t care.”

I told her that I was going to call the police and they could settle the matter. She didn’t believe me. I called the police. She got out of there in a hurry. I found out another level of the problem was that Wal-Mart would not put a dollar amount on the fine for parking illegally so the police’s hands were tied and they could do nothing. They apologized that I had to go through this experience and took my info in case the woman called in a complaint. The police officer told me not to worry.

A couple weeks later Wal-Mart had new signs indicated how much illegal parkers would be fined. Finally.

Bottom line — I can still hear that shrew screaming “I don’t care!” I don’t think Trump and his ilk care either, for anything except themselves and their bank accounts. Trying to reason with people who cannot reason and have poor moral development is useless. There has to be another way.

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