Here’s how to talk to someone who is wrong in every single possible way
M E Lehrer

lol…I tried these techniques when on a 4 day visit with my alt right mother last October. I made it through 3.5 days and then blew it. And I knew that she has practiced her art at least 18 years longer than I and told myself to be prepared. I recognized and commented positively on all things we could agree about. I asked clarifying questions, and responded, “Oh, I see where you’re coming from (to myself…I didn’t know anyone lived on the dark side of the moon.) It didn’t help that my partner agreed with the mother 200%.

So while I say I blew it, I have to give myself credit for lasting as long as I did without pulling out the daggers — totally in self defense. I cannot live through another visit home, though. I will have a stroke. Imagine that — living in a nursing home unable to speak or move and having alt right drivel spewed at you until to have no recourse but to die! The stuff horror movies are made of!

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