Thoughts: From 11.28.2016

Sometimes, it may seem as though the wisdom preached on receiving things from God (whatever they may be) don’t work the same for you as they do for everyone else.

It’s not that they don’t, it’s just that the test that you have to go through is different from the tests others have to endure. It’s not that he doesn’t have anything for you, it’s just that there are things that you need to learn and/or be prepared for before you are ready for what he has for you. For those of us called to something greater, this may seem doubly so. There is more expected of you, so there is more that you have to go through.

Example: Everyone doesn’t go to Boot Camp because everyone isn’t going to serve in the military. Even in the military, everyone doesn’t go through the harshest training because it’s not necessary for them to do what they’ve been enlisted to do.

Even though it takes time and struggle to get where you’re going, whatever He says is waiting for you will be there when you are. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man does avail much. Just give it time.

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