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Jun 4, 2017 · 2 min read

Hey. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? How’s life been? Good, good. I been well, thank you.

Oh, haha, thank you. How’d I spend it? Mostly, alone.

I went to this famed beach in the north and the view and the beach didn’t disappoint. Well, the blackout did change a couple of my plans but I must say — I still thank the universe for that day.

Why? Because if anything I learned a lot about setting the right priorities, picking the right people and waiting for the right time. Know what I learned about those? That there is no right priority, right people or right time. You just have to be mentally and emotionally ready for hiccups in your plans and go with the flow.

I learned to let go of things I couldn’t control and manage the ones I can. I can’t control someone’s disappointment over botched birthday plans but I can control my reaction to it. That’s when I learned the importance of being ready to step up & to be quick on your feet especially if there’s no one to decide for me.

It wasn’t even a long distance trip (just 6 hours of grueling bus rides to & fro, NBD), but away from home I learned things can go extremely awry — even on your birthday, yes. It made me see that:

I have to get used to thinking big because the world outside my comfort zone doesn’t have time to wait for me to be ready.

The universe will throw curveballs my way no matter if I’m in or out of my safe place.

Oblivion will swallow me whole if I keep letting life slide by.

So yes world, I’m ready.


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I drink and I write things.

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