10 Minute Story

It was a night like any other. A slight chill in the air, the moon hanging low and full in the clear sky. There he was. Standing with a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. She knew he was bad news from the way he looked at her but she still wanted to know him.

Who was this man? Someone with a story to tell, that much was clear.

He started to speak before she had even opened her mouth to ask his name.

“My name’s Jack.” he said, “And tonight, I killed a man.”

She was shocked but not at the fact that he was a murderer but because of his honesty.

“Why did you do it?” she asked.

“Because he had done wrong.” he replied.

He went into the whats, the whens, the hows, but it was the why that caught her. Why had this man who seemed so normal, so inspiring in his way, done something so final?

“Some people are just born bad.” he said stubbing out his fifth cigarette.

That she understood. Her daddy was born bad, mean too.

She left him feeling as though something in the universe had been shown to her and yet she still didn’t fully understand.

“Some things in life aren’t meant to be understood” she thought, looking over her shoulder at the man in the moonlight.

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