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World Economic Forum

Hmmm… I continue my habit for read from World Economic Forum account. I start it from 2015, and then continue last year (2016). In 2015, I just using html for my blog before. Yeah, I still learn… What’s this? But now, I learn something from this habit. At least, I know if dreams can be real.

This year, I contribute with theme Addressing Identities Through Positive Narratives. This is one of our challenges. Another video I make, tell about this topic with melancoly style. I call this with title “Just Learn Positive Things”. I use free software from my phone, with name VivaVideo Editor. I learn this from my daughter, Asa Do’a Uyi.

Asa Do’a Uyi

With her, I ever create about hashtag “My World Economic Forum” in twitter. Yeah, we make experiment about hashtag. After I make experiment about President Hacker, My World Economic Forum try to connect with Google Image. This is our result…

World Economic Forum

And this is I try with Adrian’s tweet about Brexit…

Adrian Monck

There are unique things this year for me as a Reader, like conversation with Sabine Choucair and my conclusion about “Narrative Approach”. At least, read World Economic Forum make me learn English again. Like my friend “Jul” (English Teacher) said, “Foreign people use English as a communicate, not for making difficult”. That’s mean, we can learn English with motivation for ”Positive Communication”.

As an Underground Filmmaker, I share to you this unique trailer I find last year. This is one of My Choice Trailer.


Thank you to Michael Hanley for appreciate My Videos.