Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife,

That was a weird word to write. Wife. W-I-F-E. Wiiiiiiffffffeeee. That really doesn’t roll of the tongue, does it? I guess we have a lifetime for me to get over that or find a different word. So here we are. Committed to being together for life. Cool. I assume we’re in love and have been together long enough to know one another’s flaws and shortcomings. And even still, we have looked those flaws in the eye and realized we love one another fully.

It’s safe to bet that since you said “I do” to a life with me you are already aware of some of my obnoxious traits. Like the fact that I leave my socks everywhere; in the couch cushions, in the hallway, 2 inches away from the hamper — and yet still not in the hamper. And you know that I never am able to finish a beverage, even those tiny bottles of Dr. Pepper you buy me. You have by this time surely observed that I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube and often lose the cap within the first week of ownership. It’s probably also come to your attention that I snore loudly and sometimes in sync with my dog’s even louder snoring. I can imagine we’ve had a few arguments about my short attention span and my habit of quickly bouncing between subjects. And you’ve without a doubt observed even more annoying traits of mine. And still, you love me, and want to take on this life with me and my less attractive qualities by your side. My friends probably think you are a saint for this.

I may never break these quirks (let’s call them that — it sounds cuter than calling them extremely annoying man-child habits) but I do promise to work on them and us. I know that marriage is not just about being in love or keeping “the magic” alive. I know that it takes hard work, compromise, communication, trust, and dedication. Marriage takes a mutual respect of one another and a common goal. So I will participate fully in building this life with you. And even when I’m busy annoying you with useless facts and never-ending puns, I will be deeply committed to coming up with new puns and new facts to share with you every day for the rest of our lives.

My most obnoxious quality — or so I’ve been told — is that I start a billion projects at once with an intense passion and then rarely finish them. Like that bookshelf I was going to build or the wall mounted desk I was going to make. I promise this project of you and me won’t go unfinished. Well, I guess it always will be unfinished, right? Because that’s what marriage is, two people working every day for the rest of their lives on a project that will never be complete. But I promise to never stop working on it. I won’t push the tools or supplies aside to begin something new. I will work on loving you better and building us up stronger until our last days. Even on days that I don’t like you — I will still show up. I won’t abandon this project of our life together.


Your Future Husband