February 2019, I attended my first developer convention, ETHDenver 2019. I was anxious and excited about meeting potential peers and others interested in building things I had dreamed about. The night before the hackathon, I went to a team building/speed dating event to help individuals find and build teams interested in hacking together. Near the end of the event, participants could share a one minute pitch describing what they wanted to build. Victor was one of the people that gave a pitch. He said that he wanted to build social games for the meatspace that made it easy and fun…

Blockchain exists to create trusted records. To ensure that a trustworthy record is maintained, blockchains employ a few different methods. To help illustrate how each of these work, I’m going to use the analogy of playing a board game.


We trust each other to make the transaction

Board game
We read the rules and trust one another to play fair. If someone cheats and we notice, we call them out and the game is “done” or we try to undo the cheating.


We trust a third-party to make the transaction between us.

Board game
We read the rules and…

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

In life, there are two poles, on one side is The Future and on the other is The Past. As much as we’d like to be in one place or the other, we can only ever be in the middle, The Present. However, for some reason, we always long to be in one pole or the other thinking that if we could just have that one thing, everything would be better. The reality is that balance brings us the most happiness. …

Justin Maier

Web designer & developer with a passion to create things using the latest tools and technologies.

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