Why Is My Patience Running Out?……

This is a question I’ve had to ask myself many different times. The more I ask this question, the deeper I’ve had to dig. I don’t know if you’ve ever done this before, but have you ever been around a really peaceful person and wondered how they do it? Have you ever looked at how they respond to issues vs. how you may respond to them.

I use to get really upset with myself for getting upset…..Ok I’ll be honest I still do. In those moments I feel as though I’m not in control and out of character. These feelings bring about some serious self analyzation. For starters why does this even bother me?

Why does the clueless person who doesn’t use a blinker, then cuts me off only to drive 10 miles under the speed limit cause my blood to boil. Why does the person who desires to have long drawn out conversations but constantly misunderstands or continues to ask questions cause my body to tense up? Why does ignorance trouble my soul?

In most cases what we would do is find others who feel the same way so that we could justify these feelings. However if I wish to grow as a person I need to figure this out. So here I go on my daily ride to workouts in deep thought. Probably cutting people off without using a blinker only to go 10 miles under the speed limit because Waze gave me the police spotted up ahead warning.

As I begin to look within I understand that the issue is me. YES, Me!!! 👀😳. Never mind the emojis. The rude driver bugs me because it’s something I would never do (insert whatever face you like that would suggest the oh really expression). Nevertheless I’m sure I’ve had something on my mind and been guilty of the same offense. And that’s just it.

This snap judgment I’m making about this person is selfish. Who knows what’s on their mind at that moment. Who’s to say this is how they drive all the time? They could be late for work, lost in thought, emotionally unstable, jamming to their favorite song, having a deep conversation over Bluetooth with a friend, or imagining they’re in a NASCAR race. Am I revealing to much about myself here?

Whatever the case, it’s something that the individual is dealing with that now has me contemplating driving around with a dozen of eggs so the next time this happens I can toss a couple at the culprit as I drive by. Aaaahh retribution!!!! The funnier part is that a 3 second occurrence has now occupied 2 hours or more of brain space.

In regards to the other situation that takes place during discussion, my patience runs out because I pride myself on being an awesome communicator. Which means if you don’t understand me, something must be wrong with you! Everyone else understands me perfectly well so if you don’t, then you need fixing.

The problem here is no one likes having what they take pride in challenged. That which we deem “easy” should always be that. Ever had a person that you know knows nothing about a particular topic ask you how do you know? Whooooo!!! The amount of expletives that cross my mind when this happens.

This brings me to something I learned a while back concerning knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is that which we know, wisdom is our ability to break down what we know to the simplest of minds so that they can also take the information and run with it.

Knowledge puffs up but love builds up. If we look at where we lack patience in our lives we will see that it’s usually where love is void. If you love to communicate you must also love to explain and not just expect people to take your word for it. To see the demand for an explanation as just a challenge and not an opportunity to master the craft of communication is destructive. Lacking patience in any area shows us exactly where we feel we have no control.

For me, growing up I felt as though I had no say so in anything that happened with my life so I lack patience in anything that resembles that. Those that have had more control in those areas will be a lot more patient on the road and in conversation. There are other areas that they may be affected by that people like myself may not.

The idea here is to identify what these areas are, discover the root and deconstruct it so that it no longer controls you. The best way to meet a lack of patience is head on. Success in this area will leave you with a full tank instead of on E.