I use Slack with myself and it’s absof******lutely awesome.

Yes. Slack is designed and meant for ‘teams.’ Yet I use it on my own, with myself, for myself, and it’s abso-fucking-lutely awesome.

I hopped on Slack out of pure curiosity; the product hunter within me needed to check out this email-eliminating tool everyone was speaking of way back when… After asking my company to give it a go, and them not jumping on the occasion, I decided I nonetheless couldn’t miss out on something so obviously popular… you know, just in case. I tried inviting a few friends to test it out and have some company, but the common email adress denominator made that kind of tricky/impossible. So I gave up on using it like everyone else and experimented… Alone.

That’s right. I slack with myself.

I began just pinging things- to me, myself and I- along the lines of ‘hello, is this thing on?’ And realized this made for a perfect notepad. I always had so many (often terrible) ideas, and occasionally would jott them down on scrappy pieces of paper I would then loose, on my wrists I would then wash, email to myself and loose in my inbox, or hope to remember and not… I just couldn’t keep track of these ideas and Slack provided with an easy solution. I downloaded the app, and created a ‘projectideas’ channel. It became my go-to and was linear, simple & sweet.

After a few days, I really grasped onto the idea of channels. That’s when I created a few more, at first all project related, and then increasingly personal; the spectrum was broad, from ‘WebsitesIMustntForget’ to ‘DearDiary’.

Now, I regularily add channels, making sure not to go crazy; the goal is to create just enough that there’s no crossover of content, but not too many I forget what goes where. So far I have only 14, which if I reminisce on my journals, email drafts, calendars, notepads, post-its, wrist-notes and co, is actually extremely reasonable. They are:

I thought this was kind of a unique (albeit borderline sad & lonely) way of using Slack. So I started asking other people if they too had thought of using it this way. My close friend in the operations/startup/venturecapitalist world thought it was ‘cute’ and a little funny, aka, no. And so did most other people. Then finally, another Millennial, also perpetually in-between career decisions with a whole lot going on in her mind (just like me) gasped and answered “Me Too!!!” And so I was no longer alone.

The truth is, I’ve used Trello, Evernote, Post It’s, Google Keep, Notes, my wrists, email (obviously) and many more tools to keep track of notes. I even created my own digital notepad (#PR moment: it’s called idonthaveadamnpen.com- and it’s pretty awesome). But with Slack, I create democratic (linear, non-priotized) channels to keep up with the different kinds of lists I need to make and and conversations (yes, with myself) I need to keep in my life. I create lists and lists, created by and curated for… Myself.

And you should too. It’s been personally very helpeful. As of January 2016, I embarked on a personal challenge to make & do 1 project every week, every week for the rest of the year; I call this the Game Of 52 (hence the name of my Slack account). I’ve actually been able to keep track of these projects- the live ones and those in progress- as well as fetch inspiration when I’m stuck, all the while balancing my personal life.

So, if you alread use Slack at work, go ahead and add a few channels just for yourself. And if you don’t (like me), create your own account and get one or two channels you already know you want to fill going. The rest will follow. Addictively.

With slack, 

PS: An article about how I use Slack on my own was one of the things on my Slack channel ‘ThingsIWantToWrite.’ So there; it works.

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