A Note of Thanks

As we wrap up our first year, there’s just no way to express the gratitude we feel for your support. We held upwards of 70 events this year, sold over 700 tickets, and turned dozens of first-timers on to the benefits of social nudity. And we had a blast doing it! None of this would have been possible without you. Through volunteerism, word-of-mouth promotion, and plenty of constructive criticism, you all helped build Just Naked into the force it is today. Thank you!

We began this project as a humble exploration: fostering connectivity and healing through vulnerability, with the goal of normalizing naked everywhere. I’m happy to say with confidence that we created a few dents in the social armor of shame. If we stopped today, I’d rest-assured that our efforts will ripple through time and continue this work for generations. …

If you’ve followed Just Naked since our inception this year, you may have noticed that our events have slowed down in the last couple of months. …

The first ever naked coworking space, dinner at Residencia, and more.

I’m happy to report that our naked dinner event was a beautiful success. Anthony and Maybel, curators at Residencia, were kind enough to lend a hand as I managed the food and checking in guests. …


Just Naked

We create platonic clothes-free experiences. This is where we write about it. All posts are by Adam Schwietert. justnaked.com

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