Job Hunting and Relationshipping
Angely Mercado

I am in the same position. I wish to go out, meet my friend, but with savings drying up slowly, I have to spend more time sending out resumes and updating profiles on relevant social media sites. My friend is also broke. I was on medication for anxiety and insomnia for the past two months and the doctor asked me to take things slow. I even dropped one gig in all this work pressure. It’s so draining to force yourself to spend your time staring at screens this way, but you got to do what you have to. And yes, getting out, spending time with someone close to you is not just a stress buster, but important to find more work, like you did.

Thanks for sharing. There are many people like you looking to be a full time freelancer or trying to get a job while saving money, their health and relationships.

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