It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times!

Yet here I am.

I completed my first assignment with the company which threw me out yesterday.

Today is the one month anniversary of my being laid off. Or fired. Whatever you call it, since I was prepared and had a strong hunch that it’d happen leading me to put on my writing speedster, I do not take it that hard. Not yet.

One of my friends lost his job too. He was a software engineer whom I met at an office event. A very bold, forthcoming, confident guy who approached me himself and did not hesitate to ask me for my contact details in a very non creepy way. His company blamed him and asked him to go.

Bitter Truth

When companies have more people and dwindling business, they just need excuses to ask you to leave. Big corporations and brands are like playboys. They get all the sex and attention from you and once done, you are dumped just as easily as you were enticed. However, thanks to the experience I had with a playboy, I could clearly see I’d be dumped again. So, looked for greener pastures and I’m getting to find more.

But then.....

Ta da! The company which asked you to go has not thought about any alternatives for the work that you did and the ass kissers who screamed, “Anybody can write or file stories” did not really find “anybody”, making you feel good (yes, guilty of a swelling ego). Now you understand how shallow and stupid such people and the ways of the world, by large, are. How ridiculous it all is — why would they throw you out if they had nothing in place for the job you did?

These people are yet to see the bigger picture – the future of jobs, as we all know it, is changing. And it will not go back to the way it was.

That’s why I made sure to keep a track of all that I learnt during my time as an employee of a big brand which put me in a crystal castle and then, one fine day, I understood I was actually standing on brittle glass. (My office really had brittle glass windows).

Here we go —

Ego and Emotional are No Good – The captain of the ship has the power to either hit it in the iceberg or move it away just in time by keeping an eye ahead and on his team. You employ the divide and rule method of colonisation at work with your team, you end up ruining your own self. And if you are insecure, narcissist and sexist, it will be so much easier for ass kissers to manipulate you. You think they will give their lives for you? Nah! Ass kissers are the cleverest and selfish of all species!

Workplaces will always be Sexist – You complain, you will be asked to leave. People need their jobs. So, they tolerate a heck load of shit together with others and create that kind of culture which encourages the perpetrator to do whatever he wants to and say whatever comes out of his mouth. Can’t expect newcomers to change that culture.

Also, harassment is much more subtle now. Bosses don’t corner you anymore. They say, “You came into my dream last night. I wonder why!”

Editors are Powerless – People think the editor in a newspaper has all the power in the world. Dude, this is not the 1950s. Editors have nothing with them. It’s all about marketing. Revenue is the King, not the content.

The sales team has all the power and their mistakes will end up being yours. They won’t lose their jobs, you will. For no fault of yours. Remind me never to take that kind of job again where my work is dependable on the sales team.

People in Power are Idiots – They earn crores but are the first to run when things begin to sink. Their minds have been conditioned to simply put forth orders and enjoy kisses on their ass from employees. And sex from women. When the tide begins to change, you get to know how desperate they are to save themselves because – they got no brains, only ego, which cannot give them a job. They are usually older and used to a comfortable life . Hence, no power to change and adjust.

If you are the Youngest in Office, you are pretty much non – existent – Many times people would overlook what I was saying, my ideas were nothing but “oh! What does she know?” and limited only to “You got no family of your own. You can just Netflix and chill!”. You mean watch English language Entertainment and chill. Yeah! That’s why I didn’t marry.

Remind me never to do that again. I could have been in a much better position now with freelance and digital content creation had I started a year earlier.

You can be good even without ass kissing, if you believe in your Talent – And not believe in people who say, “Writing is just a copy paste job!”. The same people will have to depend on you when they don’t have any other option for their work because you were thrown out before anything could be streamlined for the responsibilities you handled. Poor people will then come running back to you! Told ya! People at the top are idiots.

Your Skills are the only thing to Bank On — I had earned good reputation as a speaker at work. I hosted two events , one of which had a celebrity as the chief guest. I could do it because I had been trained in anchoring and public speaking by my school. I had also worked as a voice over artist during my internship 5 years ago. So, I never fumbled with the mic. At least, that made me bankable in some way. I could do something people older and experienced than me were scared of (that’s okay). Skills and talent, that’s it.

If your Editor likes your Work, you can benefit – My editor had told me when it all happened that I’ll be the first he will contact if the need of a freelancer comes in. And he did. Barely 15 days into my unemployment, he asks the sales team to approach me to do the same stuff I did as an employee. So now, my name is in the byline of post event reports instead of my office mail id (which also contained my full name). There was no one else to put caption on the pictures used in the report. I did it, ultimately. See, so ridiculous!

You know...

I’m good in spite of all this. It doesn’t make me feel like a loser. Yes, I have to be careful about my expenditure and yes, I hit my neighbour’s brand new car while practicing driving which led my mother to contact a priest and perform some “take the devil off my daughter, what’s happening to her” ritual, but I’m not perturbed.

Why will I be? I’m happier now. I am free from the illusion.

I love this article. And the writer.

“20 Reasons Why Working from Home is Way Better than Working in an Office with People.”

The safety and security of corporates is a mirage, like the love of a playboy. Don’t fall for it. Keep your side hustle and keep building your personal brand. They help you everywhere.

My brother has been doing that for a few years now. He’s going to go places, I know.

You can go too. Or earn satisfaction by trying. If you simply stop people and their opinions bother you.

And if you stay the hell away from playboys!

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