Your Mind, Your Garden

The universe is a place consisting of vast knowledge and resources at your disposal. When you neglect your soul and mind, your life can spin out of control. Every step of the way you must seize control of your mind and shape it to your desires. However while this seems like an easy task, it is not.

We live in a world that computes information ever so quickly and our mind has been programmed to react quickly. Negative thought that is not controlled, quickly crystallizes into poor judgement, doubt, fear and overtime becomes habit. We begin to use irrational decision making and neglecting the wisdom the universe has to offer.

Thus we become a weaker mind, and let the disease spread throughout our soul. We start to attract to us what our thoughts run most rampant about. You begin to attract what you are and not what you want, life is then even more frustrating because things don’t go to your desire. You begin to display more negative thinking and begin to fuel your insecurities. The garden not only becomes overgrown with weeds but it becomes a jungle filled with poisonous creatures, hard to navigate terrain and no hope of finding safety.

Thus we constructed a weak structure (our soul) and it has to be rebuilt, if you may choose to do so. The insanity which has been driving us into useless deep and utterly negative thinking can only be fixed by a higher power. A higher power that is always telling you to just open your will and trust you are not alone. This higher power will guide you out of the jungle you’ve constructed, learn to map your future and rid yourself of the poison, which runs through the veins. You then begin to open yourself to all the universe has to offer and you can now shape it to your desires.

Overtime your positive thoughts become your first reaction to a situation. Without thinking to hard for a decision, you are making the right choices, the best choices which align with the higher power. This power makes you useful, to be a generous and loving person, who when faced with fear actually calls fear a stepping stone to success. One that can dissect every aspect of the mind and then transform those negative feelings into constructive and positive thought.

Dear God,

Help me be a generous person.

Help me give,

and enrich me by giving.

We were called by you to be generous,

light our ways.

Guide me to give with a pure heart,

with a full heart,

and with a joyful heart.

Lead me to those who deserve receiving

because giving is divine.

Help me find the decent needy,

and help them find me.

You will attract which that you are and you must fill yourself with love, compassion, knowledge, courage and selflessness. People around you will notice the person you have become, these people will call you lucky and fortunate, but you can tell them it took great sacrifices to gain your spiritual experience.

This takes great effort to see results, and chance doesn’t exist. The Vision that you glorify in your mind with positive thought will burn into your heart. You will build the life you choose to build and only you are to blame for your short comings. Open your mind to new experiences by forgetting all that you know and just trust in God to take care of you.

“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little,

He who would achieve much must sacrifice much,

He who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.” -James Allen

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