I’ll always Feel the Bern but it’s time to stand with her
Kimberly Harrington

I cannot believe people actually think that Hillary is the lesser of two evils. Evil is a constant, there are no degrees.

If Trump is a shotgun blast to the senses, Hillary is plutonium. At least with Trump we see the trainwreck unfolding. There will be casualties, most will survive, and when things get out of hand enough people will rally to tackle the gunman. The movement will continue and resolve will grow.

With Hillary, her silent radiation will sweep throughout the kingdom destroying the lives of anyone to whom she has not personally provided a radiation suit. By the time she is discovered her opposition will be too weak and too complacent. The movement will be dead. Her vindictive, corrupt, and intensely greedy nature is what propels her and absolute power is the only thing that matters to her. Check her record if you need proof.

Everything that people fear Trump might do or mean for this country, Hillary already has done or represented.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have supported Bernie Sanders during this election and it will be sad to see you fall into the clutches of the Clinton dynasty. Her campaign’s Chicken Little act coupled with Trump’s mouth apparently just stirs too much angst to stay vigilant.

The great thing is that there are millions of people who support a cause, a movement, and a vision. A revolution with Bernie as the masthead. And for us the cause is not just a campaign, it’s a paradigm shift. It’s bigger than one man, one election, or the next four years. It’s worth any risk, whether they be perceived, projected, and fictional risks associated with a loudmouth buffoon or real, substantiated, and historical risks of a career sociopathic politician.

You take your vote and do what you like, but know that there are millions of us who fear the death of a revolution far more than four years of ineffective leadership and national embarrassment.

A Trump presidency may be regretful, embarrassing, and potentially dangerous. A Clinton presidency will be corrupt, inept and positively dangerous. A Trump presidency will unquestionably lead to even greater support for the mission that began with Bernie. A Clinton presidency will kill any talk of revolution. She will not allow for anything that might jeopardize the establishment’s regime. Bernie’s strides will be erased and all of us frogs will realize in four years that it wasn’t a warm bath we were sitting in afterall.

So you and Elizabeth and Barak go ahead and jump in the pot. Enjoy your bath. The rest of us will not waste our vote on someone that we cannot believe in or respect in any sense.

My vote goes third party and I really don’t care if that scares you and the rest of the sky is falling crew.