And there goes the Supreme Court and all the values you hold dear for a generation at least.
Sorry, but a vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Ralph Nader is a vote for Bush is a vote for Trump.
Nancy Shepherdson

Seriously? You have to be kidding me! I don’t think anyone believes that Trump is acting like a decent human being these days. In fact, he may not be a decent human being at all, but that is still speculation in regards to his politics. Do a web search for “what is the worst thing Donald Trump has ever done” and see what you find. You ‘ll be scrolling for pages to find anything relevant. There are pages and pages related to “what is the worst thing Donald Trump has ever said”, but nearly nothing about the worst things he has done. Is he a misogynist prick? Absolutely. Does he deserve to even be considered in this POTUS race? No, not in my opinion. But all we have to really go on is what we think he will do based on his moronic statements. I won’t vote for him.

Clinton on the other hand is responsible for so much corruption, deceit, and death, that it would take hours just to account for it all. Do the same search for Hillary, “what is the worst thing Hillary Clinton has ever done” and you will have 21,300,000 results. And beginning from the very first result, each link will lead you to the horrible things she has actually done!

And since you want to invoke the Bush name, let’s take a look at that transition. Did Obama: end the war in Iraq, overturn the NDAA, close Guantanamo, work toward peace around the world, protect the environment, punish Wall Street, end surveillance of our closest allies? Bush was no trophy, but Obama and by extension the Madame Secretary did absolutely nothing to reverse the hell that 8 years of GW Bush brought to the world. In fact it’s been 28 years since any US President could be considered an effective leader in any shape or form and 36 years since we didn’t have a warhawk leading our country.

Twenty years of Bush-Clinton is more than enough. Time to give the Right and the Left a permanent vacation and move back toward the Center, where most of us live.

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