There is something else that makes the world go round, something much more powerful than money, it’s love.The article Love? What’s that? by Bea Amador is published in The Daily Inquirer in the Young Blood section last February 9, 2017. Her article is all about her experience of her first romance, and it is not as grandeur as Romeo And Juliet’s nor of Hazel Grace and Agustus Waters’. She made her point that it came as an eye opener to her about what love truly is. Though she had bad descriptions about what love is--bad, as in, an ugly way of saying it.

It is a but furiating how she says how her whirlwind of romance becomes an eye opener for her. She talks about how she defined a relationship and how love is undefined for her until she met a stranger that slowly likes her and told her that he loved her. Confused, unaware, and uncertain of her feelings for him she knows that she wasn’t ready to be in a commitment, to enter in a relationship with full of responsibilities and ugly things. And many of people still do afraid to fall in love today maybe because love can be actually painful and beautiful at the same time it’s just a matter of time for people to discover it. She realized that she is too young to know love yet, maybe its not the time because she was also afraid, she was afraid to fall in love. Letting someone go makes people realize things; the possibility of love and be loved in return and the feeling when you’re hurt but still do love just like what she did.

Sharing this first hand experience of her makes the audience feel that they are closer to her. The way how she unveils how she discovered the first time she learn to love and be hurt at the same time is mostly relatable to people who used to love for the first time especially how the things that they’ve learn for that made them a better person.

After all, love has no clear definition its just that when you discovered it you have your own interpretation of it.