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Since March 12, when China’s National Congress was in session, China’s social media sphere has been buzzing with outrage over a food safety scandal at a local private school in Chengdu, Capital City of Sichuan province.

Posts with images showing rotten and expired food, which was spotted by parents in a school cafeteria’s storage room, were circulating widely on Weibo, a Twitter-like social media platform. Related hashtags were created to spread the latest development and quickly became trending items. From these posts, it appears that students’ parents were furious and showed up in force at the school after the discovery.

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Beijing Film Academy is a name that commands respect in the Chinese entertainment industry, which can be attested by the annual spectacle of a long queue of aspiring young students at academy gate, waiting to be auditioned by the academy’s admission panel.

However, a scandal involved a graduating movie star, and the academy’s director threatened to bring the academy’s name into disrepute.

All originated from a live video appearance featuring a movie and television star named Zhai. Aged 28, Zhai is a rising star in the Chinese entertainment business, commanding a loyal fan base of up to 10 million followers…

Why China seems stuck with it

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When I first went to Bangkok and saw the graphic warning labels on cigarette packs at a kiosk. I was shocked by the detailed portrayal of a darkened dying organ, thinking this picture alone is sufficient to turn off a light smoker. By contrast, cigarette packagings in mainland China have one-line text health warning labels, which are easily overlooked by hardened smokers.

When I was a smoker in college, cigarettes were affordable even for broke college students. The cheapest pack containing 20 pcs cigarettes cost about 7 yuan or 1 US dollar. In campus…

A rookie father’s agony over kindergarten choice

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Raising kids is among the most challenging undertaking in the world; China is no exception.

When my wife was about to give birth, a recurrent thought in my mind was whether I could cope with the stress of caring for a baby. I felt no joy of becoming a father even after my baby girl was born. Not to mention the near-collapse experience when facing an inconsolable baby in the small hours. …

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There used to be a joke circulating on Chinese social media sites making fun of the plight of a fictional American learning Mandarin: after spending ten years learning Mandarin, Tom considered himself ready to try his newly acquired language on Chinese people. His first trip to China took him to Guangzhou where the locals speak Cantonese, a Chinese variety the Mandarin speakers pejoratively refer to as “bird language”. To his dismay, he finds that his Mandarin is useless among the locals; his English had better luck. Even worse, some local people took offense at his insistence on using Mandarin. …

The way they fight is hurting us all

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Chinese Tech scene has always been a battlefield for fierce corporate brawls and a breeding ground for ingenious tech innovation. The fact that there is a big brother looming in the background exercising tight control over what goes in and what goes out means Chinese Tech world is a relatively closed ecosystem. Tech Giants like Tencent and Alibaba have made multiple attempts to expand overseas and met mixed results. On the other hand, Western tech firms like Google and eBay have long ago abandoned their positions in China amid various controversies.

Freed from outside competition and typical Western-styled regulations currently…

Lucas Song

A Chinese writer trying to find his voice in English

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