Kevin Rose

Great news for you all and exciting to see what the future holds for Hodinkee and all that surrounds that team. Best of luck with your move back to SF. I am now moving into a really exciting phase that is to take my ideas, develop them to a workable stage and then pass them on. I see myself as a chef but instead of cooking a dish of wonderful food, I deliver new ideas to the pass and then look for others to do what they do best and build it, sell it and develop it. I woke up to the fact that I was always trying to do it all. Build the restaurant, grow the veg and meat, design the furniture, manage the place, wait the tables and serve the wine………WTF was I thinking?!?! I am now really happy to be a chef of ideas and bring them to the pass. I hope you enjoy continued success with your ventures and with True Ventures. Thanks for all your inspiration.

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