An open letter to the Vice Chancellor, NUSRL Ranchi

3 min readApr 12, 2017


Respected Sir,

Let me start with a display of respect for the tradition of the NUSRL administration: a self — congratulatory pat on the back for maintaining anonymity, the absence of which would have brought on an onslaught of ad hominem attacks you have recently been using no holds barred.

I am perpetually astounded by the diversity of talent the administration has shown in these past few days, and I find myself shaking my head in surprise at the updated list: incompetence, negligence, corruption, and the newest, character assassination. I’m certain your shrewd, calculative, and well — timed actions will make even Kautilya and Machiavelli turn in their graves. So what if this vilification makes it all the more the evident that you finally have your back against wall, and bereft of any defense and logic, have taken resort to the crudest means possible. What if your incompetence has brought the students to the tipping point, which has resulted in the protests we have all been witnessing since Monday? What if you could come together with students for the advancement of the University? What if you could realize that both the students and administration have a common opponent in the State of Jharkhand?

But no, decency and humility is for the weak. It goes against the tradition of power grabbing, mocking, and lack of respect for your fellow human being well established in the tradition of NUSRL.

But it’s tiring to write all of this when it will eventually fall on deaf ears.It’s tiring for everyone to read anymore of the obvious, so let me finish with a last display of my respect for tradition, by addressing recent news based on your logic:

  1. The students are often intoxicated.

A: This is because they are sad that you won’t return the admiration and respect they have for you by taking a few lectures, and therefore drown their sorrows in gaanja and daaru. This is also because you won’t let go of the nepotism and appoint a pretty caretaker for the Halls of Residence. Once a charming fella comes in, the students will be intoxicated by his good looks alone. Kindly do the needful.

2. These students are protesting because they want a holiday.

A: This is something that has left me dumbfounded. If your definition of the term holiday is ‘sitting out in the summer heat with dust clouds blowing on your face and sleeping out in the open with a swarm of mosquitoes for company because your future has been left hanging by the nails because of a corrupt administration’, then my admiration for you has grown tenfold, for I can only imagine the hardships you undergo every time you decide to go on a holiday.

In case you disagree with the above definition, please check with your teaching and administrative staff, they’ll gladly oblige you, seeing as they’re often on a holiday.

3. Students often cheat in the examinations; they also grab the invigilators by the arms when said cheating is addressed.

A: This is absolutely false. The students don’t cheat, they only discuss the aroma of the dhoklas and samosas you serve the invigilating staff because the food they were served in the morning by a blacklisted mess contractor was shit.

The hand grabbing is actually the students requesting the invigilators to share the dhoklas and Frooti, because people do that when they’re hungry, or when something they ate has left a bad taste in their mouth.

4. Students cook food in the hostel.

A: Refer to that point about food and shit.

4. Students are indisciplined.

A: Okay, maybe this is true. But many students often seek redemption and submit themselves to voluntary detention and correction, but faculty members almost always cite academic workload.

Sometimes the faculty members are absconding….oops I meant go missing…no sorry, they’re often on a ‘holiday.’

Discipline is a two — way street, you know.

I hope you can come together with the students for a common cause, show some respect, and display a bit of humility by acknowledging all that has gone wrong because of an incompetent administration. Or we can always respect tradition and turn this into a verbal spate; I’m sure the administration has all the time in the world.