Parallels between the Day and Life Cycles

I have noticed many times that my day cycle resembles my life cycle. They are the same only on the different scale levels.

For example, it happens to me very often that during the day I spend time doing useless stuff then when it is time to go to bed I feel bad about myself. I even try to catch up on good useful activities during last hour or two. Of course, these last hours of useful activities cannot compensate the entire day of laziness and entertaining. Moreover the last hours are usually not the best in terms of productivity because the mind and body are tired and sleepy. So at the end of the day, I think about myself like I am corrupted and cannot control myself for doing the right things. It is like I have a plan and I know that the plan is right but for an unknown reason I cannot follow it but do something else instead.

I experienced something similar but not in terms of one day span but in terms of months and years. I try to achieve something. I have a plan that will lead me to the success but I cannot follow it. If there is a deadline, a particular date, I usually start doing the right things when I am quite close to the date. Of course, the results are often not satisfactory because not enough time is left for the right things.

I am a little bit scared that at the end of my life, I may have similar feeling like the death is close but I have not done what I wanted to do because I have spent my time doing worthless stuff.