Concept sketch for the Wikipedia Magazine

Dear Jimmy Wales,

I wanted to share a simple concept I’m working on:

The Wikipedia Magazine.

The magazine exists of content fetched from Wikipedia and designed in an attractive way. People can either subscribe or buy a magazine online or offline. The idea is to return the profits back to Wikipedia so the magazine revenue can help Wikipedia staying independent.

For now I quickly drafted some rough cover designs to give you a feeling what it might look like. If excited I’m happy to launch a small fundraising campaign to start designing the first issue.

I was wondering if it would be fine with you to use Wikipedia on the magazine to increase its sales and credibility? And if you’re interesting in actively working together on this matter, please let me know.

You can see my concept as a first step of my belated answer on your question on how I would make Wikipedia more independent from donors.

Best regards!

Justus Bruns

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