Links to check out

In our newsletter we always attach links we think our readers should read. Hereby without the marketing fuzz 😁

  1. For those who got a bit worried after reading our piece (above), it might make sense learning how to code; ProductHunt made a great list of appsyou can use to learn coding
  2. The Guardian compiled an overview of different artist studios from calm to chaos, have a look
  3. In case you’re considering to remove yourself from some social media websites, here’s a great tool
  4. Europe doesn’t really have to compete with the likes of China or India. Parag Khanna argues it’s not about countries, it’s about city states. Interesting graph and article here.
  5. Hacking an old Game Boy to a game console you can play everything on. It’s possible.
  6. Buzzfeed — most competing media company are jealous of — is also feelingchilly winds
  7. Pretty insane footage shot by Saab at a speed of more than 300 knots (555 km/h)
  8. The Economist gives us a quick overview on chatbots (how they’re ready to take over)
  9. How you rob large companies by fooling them. ANP wrote a big story on an Israeli / French guy how he convinced Accenture, Disney and others to transfer thousands and launder it in China, pretty wild
  10. A must read story how one of Hitler’s favorites became Mossad’s (the Israeli secret intelligence) most valuable asset
  11. Insurance made ancient Rome rich, very interesting
  12. Bloomberg wrote a compelling story how Snapchat build a business by confusing everyone
  13. If you would have to explain the Panama Papers to a five year old, you would do it like this