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Don’t Break the Chain for Badasses

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Quaker calendars start with Sunday on the left. Other than that, they aren’t so unusual. There is no imagery, but mine had quotations and bible verses. Each page was about legal-size and the color of papyrus.

Last year I practiced Don’t Break the Chain on a Quaker calendar.

It was my favorite calendar. Until now.

Every evening I would write a couple of notes. They were simple codes.

2D = 2 drinks

:) = Good day

:( = Bad day

8M = 8 Mile run

“This is Don’t Break the Chain for Badasses. You’re a badass. You get the idea.

This was really interesting because I was just measuring some things, not really intending to use the practice as a control mechanism. It quickly became a habit of mine to make these small notes.

Now, shame on me. I didn’t continue the practice this year. I did not look very hard for a new calendar. Even if I did, I think the separation from my Quaker calendar might have caused me hesitancy. I am sentimental sometimes, especially about gifts. I can keep things a long time.

Here’s the problem with the Quaker calendar:

Each month was on it’s own page. You start the month. You get some data. As you add data, you’re forced to notice previous trends. At this point, you adjust the behavior. Towards the end of the month, you’re on your best behavior.

Then the month is over, so you flip the page.

Your history is hidden, eleven sheets behind the pristine new month. The recent past is hidden from view.

I say: liberate that data. Liberate that data for yourself to use. Examine your life and overarching behavior patterns for a year, not a month.

Do it by hand because you do enough on your computer already. Put it on your wall and write on it every day.


Do this with me.

I designed this calendar for the best year of Break the Chain ever:

At the top of the calendar. There is space to write your main Focus of the year.

I’m focusing on creativity.

At the bottom you keep your Personal Legend.

I will use the code I shared with you above and more that I make up as I go.

Buy a 2017 ONE CAL TODAY.

or: Download the FREE ONE CAL PDF.

I look forward to seeing how you use this simple tool for behavior change.

Happy Holidays Medium ❤
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