Project Proposal

Historical Aspect

My main focus will be looking at the ruthless cycle of poverty and crime and which aspect starts this cycle. I will be going more in depth about years that unemployment rates and poverty levels spiked, along with the corresponding crime rates. I’ve started looking at this graph exemplifying destitution levels in the US since 1990. I then compared the spikes in unemployment with the crime records from this data table. Because of extremes in penury levels, crime rates go up based on the cause and effect of both aspects. Overall, I hope to expand my knowledge of impovrished living and how that affects one’s way of life.

Social Injustice

The social injustice of child abuse and neglect is by far an injustice that crosses the line. Each year, more that one million cases of child abuse and maltreatment are recorded and many of them can be attributed to poverty. As the cycle of poverty and crime goes round and round (as mentioned before), child maltreatment gets wrapped up in it. I have researched this correlation to see how destitution and abuse go hand and hand, and it is evident that lack of financial stability is one of the main causes of child malnourishment and neglect.

Everyday Hero

Many foundations around the country can be attributed as a hero to the injustice of child neglect. One specific organization that I will be looking more into will be Childhelp; a foundation seeking to build a better country. After some research, I learned that approximatly 5 kids die per day in the US due to child abuse. Childhelp works toward helping children and families around the country — giving finantial and physical aid to those in need. Starting at the root of the problem (poverty), the organization makes a tremendous effort to prevent harm and maltreatment to youths.

Literary Assignment

I am very pleased to be reading Jeannette Walls’ memoir, The Glass Castle for the purpose of opening my mind to the seriousness of poverty and child abuse. Living in Telluride, Colorado, I am unable to fully wrap my mind around real-life issues happening all around our country. As I read this memoir, I will be looking more in depth about the relationship and correlation between poverty, crime, and child abuse. Along with simply gaining knowledge, I hope to one day help people in need and care for those who are forgotten.

Justus Tudor.

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