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Because they took Bill O’Reilly off the air. It’s not that complicated.

We weaponized the Two Minute Hate because they think they won a victory by getting O’Reilly fired. Not a lot of people liked O’Reilly but we realized what they were doing, especially when they tried to recreate the pattern with Hannity and Tucker. So when Colbert opened his chimp mouth we gave them a muscular response.

The joke itself doesn’t matter. It was dumb and vulgar. Who cares?

But they thought they could take Hannity and Tucker the way they thought they got O’Reilly. This is our warning to them that we can play the fake outrage game too. They’re not the only ones who can harness demonstrative outrage to collect scalps.

Every time they take one of ours, we’ll take one of theirs. And we’ll force them to learn that lesson again and again and again and again.

We can play it too, and better, because we hate them a lot more than they hate us.