Invisible Fence® Brand. The Original Innovators, keeping owners and pets jumping for joy for over 40 years! We have a 99.5% success rate and a 98% customer satisfaction rate, which allows our systems to give you amazing options to expand your pets’ freedom and happiness. With the same Computer Collar® unit, your pet can have safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn to stop bad behaviors inside and outside the home. All of these systems easily integrate, plus all include professional installation and expert pet training to achieve maximum effectiveness. No matter the size or shape of your yard, we have a solution to keep your dog or cat playing safely and happily.

Boundary Plus® Technology: Bigger freedom in smaller areas.This exclusive technology delivers up to 30% more yard space allowing your dog (or cat) to safely play right up to the yard’s edge. It’s the perfect fit for unique or small lots and tight spaces. Virtual endless boundary — Prevents any “breakthrough” where pets run beyond the signal’s reach, leaving no room for escape. Zero unintentional yard lock-outs — Other systems can confuse pets if they “break through” the boundary and try to reenter, emitting a correction and stopping them from coming home. Boundary Plus® containment ensures this can’t happen!

Traditional Containment: Our Classic Choice in Yard Freedom. For over 40 years, Invisible Fence® Brand has been the most trusted name in yard safety for pets. With an industry-leading satisfaction rate, our traditional containment systems offer an advanced set of technology and features customized to your yard. These give you an affordable, reliable way to set yard boundaries that keep pets playing happily out of harm’s way.

GPS 2.0 — The Ultimate Wire Free Pet Fence™ Free yourself from wires and worry using GPS 2.0 Containment Technology — the most advanced pet fence on the market. GPS satellites set the boundaries in any shape with no maximum size. No wires and no digging. Perfect for large properties, but not suitable for properties smaller than three acres. No wires to bury saves time and eliminates wire breaks in the future. Completely customizable with no maximum size limitations gives you complete control over the design of your perimeter boundary. Fencing-in over varied terrains, including water, will give you and your pet ultimate freedom. Create smaller boundaries within your perimeter boundary to help protect your pet from areas such as pools, gardens, landscaping and livestock areas.

With these solutions, our goal is to make sure your pet gets the exercise and freedom that he or she needs as well as giving you a peace of mind knowing that they are safe at home.

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