Obtaining the Unobtainable is who I am.

When I was a kid, it was all about me, me wanting that toy, me wanting something to eat and me wanting to go somewhere, I had a selfishness inside of me, that every time I had seen something new I had to have it, and to this day I think I still have it, but who doesn’t right? My family never had a whole lot but never had to little either, so I always heard the, “be grateful for what you got” stories and and I always heard the “if I had this” stories. It was these stories that struck a chord in me to dream big but to always execute a plan of action or I too will be saying, the exact same thing everyday. To me that was average and a lot of people today have average in their vocabulary, but I was selfish in the fact that I didn’t want average! I’ll admit I came from an awesome background and I was fortunate enough early on to learn that if I ever wanted something, I would always have to work for it. What you put into life is what you get out of life. The day after high school graduation was one of the best days of my life because it was the day that most kids had been dreading for, W-O-R-K. I found myself dreaming about every opportunity I could conquer and sitting down to execute a plan of action. I learned to love what everybody hated and that there had already put me in the path of obtaining the unobtainable. To keep the fire going I joined my family business (Invisible Fence Brand of Carroll County) which as a dealership for Invisible Fence Brand has limitations to protect the brand. The two words themselves, obtaining and limitation do not even go hand in hand and even the thought of limitations for me as a person do not even exist. Setting the goals and execution to break out of theses dealership limitations is what again sets me in a position to obtain the unobtainable. These goals for example are investing in other business ventures, seeking out other media or marketing projects, and building the middle and outer circles that feed off the center of the daily business operations. These other business and marketing ventures allow me to again reach out to obtain the unobtainable. It the extremist and ambition in me to continue rolling on with this snowball effect of obtaining the unobtainable through all areas of life. It could be the selfishness in me like I mention early that kick started all this but I believe if you add your dreams, execution, honesty and self awareness you too can obtain the unobtainable.

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