Getting Onset of Issa Rae’s HBO series Insecure

So I entered this competition along with my friend Jasmine to be Production Assistants for Season 2 of Issa Rae’s HBO series Insecure which is loosely based off her successful web series Awkward Black Girl. It all started after I relaunched my personal website where I emphatically and partly in jest stated in my bio my desire to work on the set of Insecure.

Low and behold within 48 hours of announcing on IG the launch of my website my Facebook feed features a casting call post announcing the #HBOInsecureOnsetContest from a page I don't remember following. At this point I don't know whether to credit the universe or Facebook targeting for this fortueteous opportunity to put my money where my mouth is as the saying goes.

Now I know near to nothing about being a production assistant outside of the observations I've been able to make while on a few filming sets, and what I've picked up while creating, filming, and shopping my YouTube vlog series The StartUp Life. Not to mention Jasmine has only just recently ventured into the world of video content creation via vlogging. We were two green women about to take a chance at failing in front of the whole world.

The wonderful thing about my friendship with Jasmine is that we have fun with failing. We wholeheartedly believe in failing up. We set bigger goals, face bigger fears, and take bigger steps. So while the thought of being found less than worthy was daunting to me...and despite the fact that I found myself cringing often when I allowed myself to imagine the numerous silent critques from people who know me personally...I couldn’t squelch the thrill of just trying...the rush of adrenaline that comes with doing and creating.

So with our endorphins pumping, after a long day at work, and after Jasmine had spent a day consoling her cholicy 3 month old son, we met to quickly throw together something that we could look back on fondly with equal parts laughter, pride, and humility.

I bet I know what you’re wondering. How did it come out? Did we win? It came out exactly how we wanted with what we had on hand, and since the winners haven’t been announced yet…but I believe its safe to say we did not since we missed the deadline by about 4 hours due to unforseen technical difficulties while editing and uploading. Like I said previously our skills and experiences were addmitedly limited and additionally hampered by our time constraints.

But guess what the highlight was of this whole daring mini-missadventure? We did and created exactly what we set out to do and create. We did and created something we can look back on fondly with equal parts laughter, pride, and humility.

Now that’s what I call a win.


To see our video entry visit my IG page: @onewhit .