Facebook Privacy Setting

There are plenty of social networks that you can use today but you have to make sure you keep yourself safe. I am going to use Facebook to as a social platform to teach you about privacy settings. On Facebook, you are able to post pictures and videos on your profile. People like to post pictures and tag their their family gatherings, friends in the picture. Once you post a picture or have been tagged, you are basically sharing it with the global community. This would mean that anyone can just go on your profile and see all your information which can be quite dangerous. This is why before you post anything on your Facebook profile, you should check your privacy settings.

Luckily on Facebook, you are able to control the privacy settings and choose who and who cannot view your content. The privacy concerns and privacy controls on Facebook are constantly changing and updating. Now the process of managing your privacy has been easier to set up thanks to the vocal demands for transparency from Facebook users and government regulators. We will be focusing on how to configure your settings for beginners in this tutorial.

Lets Begin With Your Privacy Options:

Source: Techlicious

If you go on your Facebook, there is a user-friendly guide that takes you through the privacy settings on your account. You can access it by clicking the quick help icon on the top left section of your page. It should be an icon with a question mark inside a blue circle. A drop down bar should appear and you would want to click on the privacy checkup option and a pop up page would appear just like the picture above. As you can see there are 3 options as you go through the settings. There is “Your Posts”, “Your Apps”, and “Your Profile”.

1. Your Posts

In this section, you are able to set who can or cannot see what you are posting on Facebook. This includes your pictures, videos, and any content that you publish through Facebook. There are a few basic options where you can choose who can see it. The first option is “public”, and this means anyone that goes on your profile can see what you posted. The second option is “Friends”, and this means that only people that you have added as your contact on Facebook can see what you have posted. The Last simple option is “Custom”, where you can choose specifically who can or cannot see it, or even just setting it for only you to see it. Just choose a setting that you would like and don’t worry too much because you can always go back and change it.

2. Your Apps

Today there are plenty of Apps on your phone or computer that require you to log in Facebook to use it. For example, Apps like Candy Crush, Farmville, Tinder, and etc… Sometimes these Apps can post on your Facebook profile for you and you would not even notice. In this section, you are able to set which apps connected to your Facebook can share things on your timeline and who can see it. There will be a list of apps that is connect to your profile and you can choose which one your friends can see. This way if you get a horrible score in a game, you don’t have to go through the embarrassment since you can set who can see it.

3. Your Profile

Source: Techlicious

In this section, it covers more of your personal information such as your email address, birthday, hometown, relationship status, phone number, occupation, education, and many more personal details about your life. All of this information is personal and you want to make sure that you don’t want them to get into the wrong hands. Similar to the first two privacy options, you can choose whether you want to show the information on your page or not. I would recommend keeping your birthday public because your friends can check Facebook in case they forget and no feelings would be hurt.

More Facebook Settings

There are more advanced privacy options that you can access by clicked the drop down arrow beside the quick help button. There should be “Settings” on the list and after you click that, you are able to go further into Security, Privacy, Timeline and Tagging, and Blocking. If you want to learn more about the advanced privacy settings then you can find out more on Facebook Help.