How to easily add screenshots into your README file on GitHub

README file is very important to provide along with your application or any other code you upload to GitHub. It actually gives to someone potentially interested in your repository a brief overview what your project is about, how to use it, what is its architecture and so on. Especially when it comes to mobile apps I find it useful if I am able to see the app UI in the README, so I do not have to download someone else's project, and run in my Android Studio, as this is quite a long journey. I think providing your UI screenshots in README is very useful especially when you are crafting your portfolio. Thanks to this a potential employer can see straight away how your app looks like and have a rough understanding about its functionality. You have a fish on the hook :-)

While formatting text when editing README is quite straightforward and details may be found here, pasting screenshots is a job that needs a bit of “hacking”. Of course you can create a folder on GitHub and upload there images and refer to them, but this is a bit hectic as for me. See below a simple trick that makes the magic and is super super fast!

  1. Go to your repository and open tab with Issues.

2. Create a New issue by clicking on the green button in the upper right corner.

3. Take a screenshot of whatever you need and paste it into the issue message (CMD+V on Mac or CTR+V on Windows).

4. There is NO need to submit new issue.

5. Now you can copy your screenshot path and paste it to your README. In the above case, the screenshot path is:


That’s it! Hope this will save you a lot of trouble :)