AutoDraw with Machine Learning from Google

Lately I found a really nice tool built by Dan Motzenbecker and Kyle Phillips with Google Creative Lab. It’s super easy and useful. You just draw a shape and the tool suggests the corresponding drawing. It is called AutoDraw, check it out here. It actually uses a machine learning to interpret your shape and match with the artists drawing. It works on your laptop or smartphone or tablet or any other device. You can use it to sketch a birthday card or a fancy wedding invitation or to prepare marketing materials for your startup. Sky is the limit here.

There is even more to this topic. Google dedicated the entire project to A.I. Experiments and you can participate too! Check this website for the latest experiments and here you can submit yours.

Actually there are more experiments that bring up opportunities to developers, please find the list below:

Exciting! And if you are willing to learn more about A.I. Machine Learning, check out these Udacity programmes:

And coming back to AutoDraw, look what I’ve drawn to my daughter today ;)

Chicken drew with AutoDraw