Five ways to makes your dreams come true using unexpected tools


Here’s a way to achieve your life goals, track your progress, set milestones, and stay motivated! As you probably know, personal development is a continuous process that is very hard to measure. To monitor if you’re staying on track and raise your motivation you can use agile tools like an online kanban board. Harness the same solutions that work for top businesses to achieve your personal goals.

An online kanban board (like can be used for just about anything, from tracking your latest initiative to creating a learning schedule, recording goals, and brainstorming ideas. Get inspired by these five personal development kanban boards.

1. Learn a new language

Have you ever signed up for an online course or started learning a new language, and then just forgot about it? Learning new things requires not only self-discipline but also good organizational skills. If you skip classes once, you risk of making a habit of skipping classes. Use a kanban tool to create your action plan. For example, learn Spanish in 100 days. On your online kanban board you can plan your activities and monitor your learning process.

How to do it?

For instance, each class that you take online (via Coursera, Udemy, Treehouse, whatever) is a project, while each lecture is a task. To have a clear action plan you can use the task description field to make notes about the lecture, or attach your lecture notes as file attachments. An online kanban board helps you work toward completing a class entirely instead of dropping out in the second week. It is a simple, visual way to coordinate and start scheduling your lessons.

If someone you know has similar resolutions or interests as you, you can set up a shared board. In this way you can motivate each other and share your experience and knowledge. You can also make your board public and share the URL with friends, which will make you more motivated to keep progressing toward your goals.

2. Read more

Whether you’re heading off to a beach vacation or hoping to make the most of quieter work weeks, you want to catch up on your reading. Sometimes you have no idea what to read. How many times has someone told you about a great book but you haven’t written down the title and then you forgot it? Or maybe you read something crucial for your work but when you want to look it up again, you don’t remember where you found it? If any of these situations sounds familiar to you, it’s time to change your reading habits and consider using a project management app.

How to do it?

It is very easy. Just create a simple project board “Reading”. It allows you to keep all of your books on one list. In this way you can easily come back to every book title without cudgeling your brain.To have a clear picture of your reading progress, you can name your columns To read one day, To read soon, Reading, and Read. In this way you will see your reading flow. By using different labels you can mark book categories like hobby, travel, work, self-development, etc. You can also invite your friends to view your reading list, and even let them add their book suggestions.

An online kanban tool like Kanbanery allows you to create similar lists for movies, travels or whatever comes to your mind 🙂

Are you curious what else you can schedule on your kanban board? Here is the second part of this post — Five ways to makes your dreams come true using unexpected tools.

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