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Swiss lies about workforce

2 weeks ago I spotted a title of 24h “Menace of the lack of work force”; where one of the journalists says that there is more and more Swiss companies, which are not able to find employees.

This article made me angry, a bunch of unverified facts, repeated after no one knows who.

In April 2017 there was 530 000 working poor in Switzerland, in September 2017 already 590 000, to reach 615 000 in April 2018. Government announced that for the programme combating poverty there was 9 million chf for the period 2014–2018, but for the period 2019–2023 they will spend only 2.5 million. Clearly they programme doesn’t work.

615 000 people it is almost 10% of the adult population of Switzerland.

What about people without jobs? ORP report that the unemployment is falling. But why? Because people reach the end of the right and are automatically erased from the statistics!

In average the number of unemployed in canton Vaud is around 26 000+, on the top of that there are 27 000+ of working poor, 16 000+ home stayed parents and 7000+ elderly people who have difficulties to arrive financially to the end of the month.

The last 3 groups are not in the statistics, because either they do not have right or they work, chaining 2–3 low wage jobs.

What about the “booming economy” and difficulties to find an employee?

LafargeHolcim closed in Zurich — clearly in the branch of construction is not going very well (source: 20 minutes).

Record of closings in the branch of restaurants — 2220 closed in 2017, 3.5 times more than in 2016 (source: 20 minutes).

Empty shopping spaces; cantonal government will try to establish a program to help vendors to survive (source: 20 minutes).

Just now: Nestlé might cancel 500 jobs in the next 18 months.

If that are not signs of a recession, I don’t know what is.

People simply do not have money to go out and pay for goods and services. They downsize, to cover basic needs, and resign of pleasures.

I have been searching for a job for almost 3 years, the only offer I had was a short term contract with a pity salary which was not even covering the child care. Every day I get emails “we are sorry, but after careful consideration we decided to take another candidate”. I am skilled, educated, experienced. My only default is that I am over 40, oh, maybe another: I am a woman.

Job agencies locked completely the market, offering short term contracts where they take care about the pay, but in exchange they take 45–55% of the employee salary.

Skilled people drive Uber, as the last resource to feed their families, take whatever job offered illegally, to get some money to buy food. I have plenty of colleagues, who are engineers, have university diplomas, experience and apply for the social help; nobody wants them. Common denominator: they all are over 40.

Don’t believe in the propaganda, that everything is going very well and the economy is booming. The government tries to conceal the fact that nothing is going anymore, that somebody else (job agencies) control the access to the job market.

Difficulties to find a workforce? Why then for every position announced there is between 100 and 600 candidates? Try LinkedIn, which gives you the number of candidates who applied, and you will see that there is absolutely no problem with skilled workforce, it is just that every position is locked by the job agency, who decides who to put in contact with the real employer.

Right to work is one of the rights proclaimed in the article 23 of the declaration of United Nations from 1948: everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Everyone, without a discrimination, has the right to equal pay for equal work.

This article is frequently violated by the job agencies (why do you think they proliferate like mushrooms after rain?) Because they live from the human slavery offering minimal salary and taking huge commission for placing the person.

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